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Box 1. Trial Participants as Research Investors922.61 KB
Box 2. What the HIV Prevention R&D Field Learned in 2012395.45 KB
Box 3. US HIV/AIDS Prevention Research Investment385.04 KB
Box 4. Pox-Protein Public-Private Partnership Advancements283.71 KB
Box 5. Centers for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology and Immunogen Discovery407.18 KB
Box 6. Taiwan-IAVI Collaboration362.14 KB
Box 7. South-South HIV Vaccine Research Collaboration285.38 KB
Box 8. Wellcome Trust347.45 KB
Box 9. Multipurpose Prevention Technologies650.68 KB
Box 10. Innovative Adult Male Circumcision Devices307.69 KB
Box 11. US NIH Toward a Cure Program Definition: Eradication of Viral Reservoirs480.13 KB
Box12. Data Collection Methods and Fluctuation in Investment Levels272.12 KB
Fig 1. Trial Participants by Prevention Research Area in 2012171.95 KB
Fig 2. Key Populations in HIV Prevention Clinical Trials in 2012163.74 KB
Fig 3. HIV Prevention R&D Trial Participants by Region in 2012365.5 KB
Fig 4.Global HIV Prevention R&D Investments 2005-2012418.29 KB
Fig 5. Top Philanthropies Investing in HIV Prevention R&D: Philanthropic-sector investment in 2012278.61 KB
Fig 6. Top Countries Investing in HIV Prevention R&D: Public-sector investment in 2012329.26 KB
Fig 7. 2012 Global Investment in HIV Prevention R&D by Region723.09 KB
Fig 8. HIV Vaccine Funding 2000-2012270.23 KB
Fig 9. Top Preventive HIV Vaccine Funder Trends 2006-2012339.66 KB
Fig 10. HIV Vaccine Expenditures 2001-2012451.45 KB
Fig 11. Microbicide Funding 2000-2012319.34 KB
Fig 12. Top Microbicide Funder Trends 2006-2012349.11 KB
Fig 13. Microbicide Expenditures 2006-2012406.05 KB
Fig 14. Investment in Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis 2005-2012288.25 KB
Fig 15. Female Condom R&D and Operations Research Investment 2010-2012245.08 KB
Fig 16. Investment in Cure Research in 2011 and 2012402.92 KB
Fig 17. Investment in Therapeutic HIV Vaccines in 2011 and 2012165.33 KB
Table 1. HIV Prevention R&D Investment Snapshot for 20121.05 MB
Table 2. Annual Investments in HIV Vaccine R&D 2006-2012355.25 KB
Table 3. Top HIV Vaccine Funders 2010-2012463.21 KB
Table 4. Philanthropic Investment in HIV Vaccine R&D by Foundations and Commercial Philanthropy in 2012219.72 KB
Table 5. Estimated Commercial Engagement in HIV Vaccine R&D by Company in 2012162.12 KB
Table 6. Annual Investments in Microbicide R&D 2006-2012367.5 KB
Table 7. Top Microbicide Funders for 2010-2012384.28 KB
Table 8. Annual Investments in Adult Male Circumcision 2006-2012185.93 KB
Table 9. Annual Investments in Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis 2005-2012290.85 KB
Table 10. Annual Investments in Treatment as Prevention 2011 and 2012144.36 KB
Table 11. Funding for Vertical Transmission Prevention R&D 2008-2012421.78 KB
Table 12. Categories Used to Classify Preventive HIV Vaccine R&D Funding320.9 KB
Table 13. Categories Used to Classify Microbicide R&D Funding399.57 KB
Table 14. Classification of Other HIV Prevention R&D Funding236.57 KB
Table 15. Classification of Cure and Therapeutic Vaccine Funding166.76 KB

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