Other Global Health Resource Tracking Efforts

The George Institute for International Health: G-Finder Survey.The George Institute for International Health seeks to improve the health of millions of people worldwide through undertaking high quality research, and applying this research to health policy and practice. The Institute has been commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to conduct five sequential annual surveys to provide consistent, comparable, comprehensive data over time on investment into R&D of new pharmaceutical products to prevent, manage or cure neglected diseases of the developing world. In December of 2008, the Institute published its second first survey of Global Funding of Innovation for Neglected Diseases– the G-FINDER survey – which captures 2008 investment data.

The Global Forum for Health Research The Global Forum for Health Research is an independent, international organization committed to demonstrating the essential role of research and innovation for health and health equity, benefiting poor and marginalized populations. The Global Forum is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, close to international organizations such as the World Health Organization, the International Labour Organization, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development and the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Malaria Research & Development: An Assessment of Global Investment. The Malaria R&D Alliance is an alliance of malaria research and development (R&D) organizations jointly advocating for global commitment for increased and sustained resources for malaria R&D. In 2005, the Malaria R&D Alliance conducted a survey of malaria R&D investment, the results of which are presented in this study.

Research!America U.S. Investment in Health Research Research!America is the nation's largest not-for-profit public education and advocacy alliance. Since 1989, it has been committed to making research to improve health a higher national priority. The organization has been tracking and analyzing the various streams of funding that make up the total U.S. investment in health research for a decade.

Stop TB Research Movement The Research Movement is part of a partnership between Stop TB Partnership and the World Health Organization (WHO) whose objective is to engage the full range of TB researchers in a collaborative and concerted strategic effort to increase the scope, scale and speed of TB research.

Treatment Action Group: TB R&D Critical Analysis of Funding Trends: 2009 update and Flat-Lined: How Flat NIH Funding Undermines Research on HIV, TB and Viral Hepatitis.   Treatment Action Group (TAG) is an independent AIDS research and policy think tank whose goal is to fight for better treatment, a vaccine, and a cure for AIDS. They have published a series of reports that included analysis of funding trends in TB research

UNAIDS - Resource tracking and projections UNAIDS collects data quantifying HIV/AIDS financing in low- and middle-income countries on the part of multiple actors: households, affected-country government, international foundations and charities, as well as bilateral and multilateral assistance agencies. The purpose of this work is to develop and maintain the best possible estimates of available financing, for use in tracking progress toward meeting defined resource requirements.

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